Clints Bits – 15/7


I should take this opportunity to thank you all for visiting Moviehole. The figures are in, and we’re doing fantastic. So good, I’m considering asking you all to the bar and grill tonight with lager on the house. Wait. Too many people just put their hands up.

  • The Poster for the upcoming Julia Roberts flick “Mona Lisa Smile” is now up at Latino Review

  • Ian McDiarmid who plays Chancellor Palpatine arrived last week in Sydney to shoot his scenes for “Star Wars Episode III”, reports Dark Horizons.

  • Access Hollywood – via Dark Horizons – reports that No Doubt songstress Gwen Stefani is interested in a role in “X Men 3”, most likely as Alison Blair/Dazzler.

  • Insomniac Mania has an interview with Robert Englund who talks about “Freddy vs. Jason”, as well as the chances of a Freddy-Jason-Chucky-Michael Myers – Ghostface movie. Yep, can see that happening.

  • David Duchovny will lend his voice to the new computer game “XIII”. David Duchovny takes on the role of XIII, a secret agent with complete amnesia who must discover clues behind his true identity. Avoiding pursuit by the FBI, who accuse him of assassinating the president, and a mysterious group called the Twenty are just two of XIII’s challenges; he must also uncover sinister plots against the U.S.government from its highest offices. Thanks to ‘Gareth’

  • Tara Reid [“American Pie”] will play Aline Cedrac in “Alone in the Dark”, the film adaptation of Infogrames popular Horror-Videogame-Franchise, reports Coming Soon. Christian Slater headlines the film.

  • Coming Soon asked Will Smith about the “Independence Day 2” rumours that’ve been floating about. "I think that will never happen. But it’s Hollywood, you never know. You never can say never. But I’m pretty doggone sure that will never happen."

  • New Line Cinema and producer Sara Risher have picked up the screwball comedy spec “Bad Hair Day” from writer Jill Pierce. The story follows a young woman on a crucial day of meetings, events and dates who experiences one hair emergency after another. Depending on the kindness of strangers, creditors and astrologers, she manages to get a job and maintain a shred of dignity despite the destructive forces let loose on her hair.

  • Director Michael Mann has set Jamie Foxx to star with Tom Cruise in “Collateral”, says Variety. Adam Sandler was previously rumoured to be in talks for the part.

  • According to Variety, 20th Century Fox has picked up “My Velouria” from writer Marc Wolff. The action thriller blends the police procedural and kung-fu genres.

  • According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema has acquired rights to “Outfoxed”, a live-action/CGI feature to be written by Cheryl Heuton and Nick Falacci and produced by BBC Films. Set in the world of English fox hunting, the story follows the adventures of a fox wrongly accused of killing the pet of a wealthy matron. To catch the cunning and elusive fox, the local hunt club enlists the skills of a tenacious and determined American foxhound. The fox must avoid being caught by the foxhound long enough to prove his innocence and ensure the safety of his fellow foxes.

  • Hollywood North Report have posted pics from the set of “Alone in the Dark” here and here