Finally a Superhero that does the Laundry!


As long as Leonardo Di Caprio doesn’t get the nod to star [as has been rumoured], the upcoming film adaptation of Marvel’s “Iron Man” could be quite good. Here’s what Miles Millar, who with partner Alfred Gough is writing the script for the film, told SciFi Wire. "We’re about halfway through the script," Millar said in an interview. "We spent, I guess, seven months developing the story. So we’re happy. … It’s faithful [to the Marvel Comics series], but it’s also very different from the original. And it’s updated." The writer says the challenge has been to tell more than the story of a guy in a suit. "That was our initial challenge," Millar said. "When we found a solution to that, we realized we could write the movie. Before that, we were skeptical. We played with the notion. But I think we found a really cool way, actually, to reinvent the suit, make it very high-tech, make it very cool visually. And yeah, we’re really happy."