Batman's Caped Crusade


There’s still no real word on what’s going on with Chris Nolan’s “Batman” project in terms of casting, production dates and the like – but one scooper seems to be shedding some light on the project over at one of the better Batman sites.According to him, Bill Cosby’s a good chance to putting on the Cowl…

Sorry, must be pulling something. Again.

The same scooper who recently contacted Batman-On-Film regarding what look the car will have, the suit etc, got back in contact to share more of the goods. Firstly suggesting Ashton Kutcher is no longer in the running to play the role [which isn’t at all surprising considering he’s just signed up to do a couple more seasons of TV’s “That 70’s show”. Question is…why? And…how much for?]

Oh, and again with the look…

“The CONTENT of the meetings? The design elements mentioned I believe will come to pass. Again, even if we get the contract, the costumer, Miniature builder, set builder, CGI studio will all most likely be submitting their own stuff….The info we got from WB was feedback to help w/[the work we want to do on the film.

“Design: this movie is particularly challenging as Batman has a solid "look" in place for both the films AND comics. The challenge here is to make Batman look fresh & different, yet remain faithful to the look of the character. So, to wit, the comments on the costume, Batmobile, etc., are the strongest elements that come to pass, either from us or another designer, will most likely happen.

“Casting: as in any conversation, talk will drift to all parts of a subject. The names we got were from WB employees. Any "Fanboy Wishing" is coming from them. As you know, a casting agency will handle the bulk of the casting beyond the leads; to my knowledge there is not one yet in place, and if there is we don’t know who it is. It’s because of that that suggestions are springing up. It’s an open field, & WB staff are as hopeful as anyone to see this movie get made. The names mentioned were mentioned, and that is all. I’m not privy to how these people are signed up.

“Ashton Kutcher: our impression was, at first they loved him, now they want him gone. I’m sure you have noticed how much he has been in the news of late.

“Superman/Batman: since WB is trying to get both franchises up & running, efforts are being made to have the franchises work with each other. For example, if Batman comes out in ’05, the best idea would be to have Superman come out in ’06, or stagger summer/holiday releases, that sort of thing. It’s hoped that the abandoned BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN can get made; it makes more sense to establish the actors first. That’s why there is hope to have them be near each other in age, (& young to get more mileage out of the actors), to establish cameos/crossovers, etc.

“The McCoughnehay/Bale thing was mentioned, again, as a possible example of this; hence the unofficial title. I know nothing of any actual attempt to contact these actors. Of the possible supporting roles, the impression WAS given that some of these actors would be contacted. But, It also could have just been a list as to who would fit where.

“Our biggest impression is that a lot of behind the scenes stuff is going on; meaning, they are evaluating the script. After that, If Nolan is happy, & stays w/ the project, the film will get made".