Was reading over at E Online yesterday that [deplorably] Kim Bauer [Elisa Cuthbert] is to get a much meatier role on the next season of “24” possibly joining her Dad on his latest mission….Now we know why, with news that a twenty-something CTU agent will be Dad’s new sidekick. Hey, young blondies get horny too! According to Variety, James Badge Dale, 25, has been cast in the 24 regular role of Chase, a young CTU agent who ends up working side-by-side with Kiefer Sutherland’s character of Jack Bauer. Both Bauer’s reaction to having a partner and the duration of the pairing are unknown, as are any other details of Dale’s character. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Chase take Kimmy by the scruff of her hair, lead her to a bedroom for 24 hours and simp….ouch, my P.A just hit me.

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