Buzzing noise of "Chainsaw" excites one


Remake, good? Texas Chainsaw? Gobsmacking? The re-entrance of Leatherface is a dubious doing but according to a scooper for Bloody Disgusting – it looks cooler than a frozen Pepsi. “"With The Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer coming with prints of Bad Boys II (it’s enclosed in the film cans, not attached which means it may not be on every print) fans are gonna be angry, Why? Because they are going to be dying to see this flick after they see the trailer. This trailer is incredible, during one scene I was actually freaked out! The trailer also happens to have one of the best soundtrack mixes I have ever heard in the seven years in the theater biz. I highly advise trying to catch this in the theaters because the online version may not do it enough justice. Regardless, this looks to be an incredible movie."