Clints Bits – 17/7


In between licking envelopes containing prizes for our auspicious competition winners, I’ve managed to sort through the robust bag of email sitting in the inbox. Here’s a portion of what’s going down.

  • The classic Bond movies are being brought into the 21st century with special 5.1 surround sound remastering ready for new DVDs in 2005. More information at

  • Insomniac Mania reports that Leonard Nimoy will not be a part of “Free Enterprise 2”.

  • IGN FilmForce have an exclusive clip from “Lara Croft : Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life” here

  • I’m still laughing my arse off about Sharon Stone joining “The Practice”. Ok, it’s only for a few episodes – but how much of a kick in the pants is it? Anyway according to Coming Soon, James Spader and Rhona Mitra are the new headline acts for the series.

  • Mya has won a part in the Richard Gere/Jennifer Lopez flick “Shall we Dance”, reports Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith.

  • Aint it Cool has posted the first review of the upcoming “Spy Kids 3D : Game Over” here

  • A 24-hour strike will halt production on the sets of all Australian television series including Blue Heelers, MDA, All Saints and McLeod’s Daughters, and a feature film named Strange Bedfellows, reports The Herald Sun. They are demanding new pay rates, more certainty about the duration of contracts and the removal of caps on royalties.

  • FoxNews.Com report that “Monkeyface”, which Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones were planning to do together, has fallen apart. A financing problem apparently.

  • An alternate ending is to be attached to “28 Days Later”, while it’s still at Cinemas. That’s a bit of a first, ey?

  • The ABC’s “Frontline” will be screened on The Comedy Channel from September.

  • The trailer for the new “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is now up here

  • Stanley Tucci [“Murder One”] has joined the cast of Steven Spielberg’s “Terminal” opposite Tom Hanks.

  • Director Terrence Malick (The Thin Red Line) is attached to helm Benicio Del Toro in “Che”. The film is an epic about the life and death of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.

  • Walt Disney Pictures has acquired the pitch “Prince and the Pig” from writer-director Rian Johnson, based on his own epic poem, to develop into an animated feature film.