Clints Bits – 23/7


In between sorting the rather anomalous band of promotional items that floated into the diminutive office today, as well as checking out a rather mirthful horror flick, and transcribing about ten interviews, I’ve managed to rustle up some film news titbits.

  • Martin Lawrence has signed to star in the family comedy “Rage Control”, as a legendary college basketball coach who, after a public meltdown, is forced to coach a losing junior varsity team.

  • has a pic up of Gary Oldman in Sirius Black guise from “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” here. Thanks to Coming Soon.

  • Coming Soon have posted 26 new images from the upcoming “American Wedding” here

  • Sissy Spacek, Alan Cumming, Heather Graham, James Marsden, Saffron Burrows and Jane Krakowski will star in the romantic comedy "Gray Matters," written and to be directed by first-timer Sue Kramer.

  • The release date for “Gigli” has been pushed back from July 30th to August 1st.

  • IGN FilmForce talks to Gerard Butler who tells the site how he nabbed that sought after lead in Joel Schumacher’s upcoming “Phantom of the Opera” here.

  • Thomas Haden Church will star alongside Paul Giamatti in Fox Searchlight’s comedy "Sideways" for director Alexander Payne and producer Michael London. Virginia Madsen is in final negotiations to come on board as the female lead.

  • has learned that the production of “Saving Jessica Lynch: The Rescue of an American Soldier” is set to begin August 25 for an NBC movie of the week focusing on the soldier’s tale. To find out about casting click here

  • The Hollywood Reporter says Lee Tamahori has come aboard to direct a big-screen version of the Marvel Comics property "Deathlok" for Paramount Pictures and Avi Arad’s Marvel Studios.

  • Don Cheadle will star in the Bull’s Eye Entertainment ensemble drama "Crash" for director Paul Haggis, says The Hollywood Reporter. "Crash," written by Haggis and Bobby Moresco, is described as being in the style of "Pulp Fiction" and "Traffic." It follows a multiethnic cast through the streets of Los Angeles as they careen in and out of one another’s lives.

  • Elizabeth Banks, who stars opposite Tobey Maguire in Universal’s "Seabiscuit," is now saddling up to star in the Merchant Ivory production "Heights”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. James Marsden is negotiating for a role in the project, with Glenn Close being eyed for another part. "Heights" is scheduled to begin lensing in September in New York with first-time feature director Chris Terrio at the helm. It’s described as a quintessential New York story with Banks in the female lead role as a photojournalist who is forced to come to terms with a complicated relationship in her life. Close is being targeted to play the mother of Banks’ character, with Marsden taking the role of her fiancé.

  • Nia Long is in negotiations to star opposite Jude Law in "Alfie," Paramount Pictures’ remake of the 1966 romantic comedy, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Dimension Films has optioned "Necropolis," a ghost-story pitch that Paul W.S. Anderson will write and produce.

  • Rumours are surfacing that Ashton Kutcher might not be out of the “Batman” contenders comp as rumoured.

  • According to a report on Dark Horizons, despite not even breaking-even, Universal are still forging ahead with plans for a sequel to “The Hulk”.