Who has the foxy ma then Colin?


Sounds as if Bazz and Oliver are going head to head to see who can get the biggest stars involved in their respective “Alexander the Great” projects. Whilst Bazz Luhrmann has attracted Leonardo Di Caprio, Nicole Kidman and [possibly] Mel Gibson to his, Oliver Stone has roped in Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins. And now, Angelina Jolie, according to Variety. Jolie will play the Macedonian conqueror’s mother, Olympias. Jolie will play Alexander’s mother from his childhood through his reign as the king. Jolie will shoot her scenes in Morocco and London in the fall, says Variety. The role of Phillip, Alexander’s father, has yet to be cast in the Warner Bros. distributed film. Funnily enough, after this, Jolie goes straight into another period drama, “Love and Honor”, playing Catherine the Great.