Schwarzenegger sequel depends on "Matrix"?


If there’s one film Arnold fans are hankering for, it’s the third “Conan” instalment, “King Conan: Crown of Iron”, which Mr Schwarzenegger is verbally attached to. Over the last year or so, there’s been a bit of talk about the film, but nothing very concrete. And after all, Arnie’s agenda is rather choca-bloc at the moment, when’s he going to find the time?

According to IGN FilmForce, Arnold has found some time – sooner rather than later, arranging with writer/director John Milius to make it his next film. But according to the site, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be happening next week, no siree, the studio wants to wait and see how “the Matrix Revolutions” does before letting “Conan” loose – because The Wachowski brothers are set to produce the new Conan sequel, and the studio isn’t going to let a couple of guys loose on a film if they can’t get their next one out of the gate. But seriously, is anyone nervous “Revolutions” isn’t going to open? I mean. C’mon.

“It boils down to a brewing power struggle between the Arnold/Milius camp and the Wachowskis. Each faction is said to have a different vision for King Conan. Should Matrix Revolutions be deemed a box office disappointment like Matrix Reloaded then the Wachowskis would lose clout and, thus, control over the development of King Conan. Of course, the equally disappointing returns for Terminator 3 makes one wonder about Arnold’s own drawing power. Perhaps pairing him with a hotter, younger star might help
King Conan succeed?”, says the site.

That hotter, younger star, might be Wrestling superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnston if Big Arnie gets his way. The Rock has long been rumoured for the role of Conan’s son in the movie but now Schwarzenegger himself is keen on landing the wrestler-turned-actor.