Big Rumble in Little China


Kurt Russell needs a hit. John Carpenter could probably do with one too. Of course, “Big Trouble in Little China 2”. Why didn’t someone think of it earlier? Oh they did, and it just didn’t come off? Now, according to a site called WingKong, screenwriter Corey Mitchel spoke with producer Debra Hill and director John Carpenter last week, and the illustrious director is all for a Kurt Russell starring sequel, if the scribe can get it moving. Russell would be involved, naturally, but according to the site, Jackie Chan, might also be contacted about playing a role. Mitchel told the site, “By the way, I’d love to hear some more ideas by the fans on the site about the kind of villain they’d like to see and actors, etc. It’d be great if you could post something so they could put some feedback in the discussion board or something”.Thanks to Dark Horizons.