is Craven's latest "Cursed"?


Lights Out Entertainment reports, "Hot off the tip line, it seems that the reuniting of Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson has hit a snag. The news has hit Lights Out Entertainment a bit late in fact. The word is that the film Cursed, which stars Shannon Elizabeth and a host of other stars and former TV stars was shut down mid-way through filming after the Miramax suits got a hold of dailies. This was several weeks ago. The film crew was last seen shooting in and around Hollywood. More when we get it." Moviehole can exclusively reveal that all is back on track. A source to the film tells us this morning that a new ending does have to be filmed, but it’s all for the better. “A new endings shown up on paper (or at least an outline of one) that makes sense and pays off”, we’re informed. The original just didn’t fit apparently, and Craven wants the entire movie to play out as cool as the first three quarters apparently is. Thanks to ‘The Solicitor’