NewLine not done with "Freddy" or "Jason"


Talking to someone in on all things Freddy, Jason and NewLine earlier this week, I was informed that the Elm Street and Friday series are unquestionably not ending with the imminent celebrity deathmatch known as “Freddy vs. Jason”. In fact, there’s not only a sequel being mooted, but the possibility of a couple more stand-alone Freddy, Jason solo efforts. Ronny Yu, wants in on a couple of them I hear. Today, more affirmation that Freddy and Jason are set to battle on…

Robert Englund got pinned to a chair at Comic-Con by Aint it Cool, and was asked what the fans want to hear – is this the end for our fave iconic killers? “I think they may be testing the waters at New Line to put some fresh blood in (both franchises) and see what they can come up with. I have a hunch that New Line has one or two great FRIDAY THE 13TH scripts on the shelf. I *know* there’s one or two great NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET scripts. I know there was one done way back around Part Three, with the sister of Tina from Part One, and it was a great female woman warrior – older, like a thirty year old, coming back to avenge her sister’s death. I know there’s talk of a prequel to ELM STREET with Robert Englund or another actor playing Freddy the serial killer before… the vigilante parents torched him to death. So, that’s interesting. I’ve heard that Wes has said no to that, but somebody else might pick that up.”

But before any of that happens, Sean S.Cunningham has confirmed plans for a “Friday the 13th” Box Set over at Paramount.