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No Two to One action then?

If there’s one comic/cartoon series that’s just been begging for the film treatment for years – and don’t even count that lame TV movie version – it’s “Archie”, and finally everyone’s desired teen playboy is about get his…what? It’s only a movie about Betty and Veronica?. Are you sure? ‘Fraid so my pretties. Our sociable red-head has indeed been passed over in favour of a movie centering solely on his favourite two ladies, Betty and Veronica. Miramax Films made a deal with Archie Comics Entertainment to make the live-action pic, one of a few “Archie” comics properties the studio is looking to turn into flicks. Others on the cards include “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”, “Kate Keene”, “Teen Model” and “Mighty Crusaders”. Hopefully Archie will at least have a cameo in the aforesaid movie. I mean, there’s nothing like a bit of “Wild Things” style threesome to give a movie substance.

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