Is this Dantes Peak?


Dante Tomaselli sent me a film of his a year or so back called “Desecration”. What an off the wall ride that was, horror for the most stringent of fans. I’m more a sucker for the commercial offerings of the genre, but I dare say he’s a popular vision among the genre. And from the sounds of it, he’s next stab in the genre, the sequel to “Alice Sweet Alice”, won’t disappoint either. heard from Tomaselli who spilled the beans on the project. For the uninitiated, the first film – released as “Communion” at the outset, and later “Holy Terror” – was a religious-themed horror, set in the early 1960s and filmed in Paterson, New Jersey. It dealt with a murderous girl in a memorable yellow rain slicker and creepy painted see-through mask, who couldn’t handle the jealousy over her prettier sisters’ communion and deals with emotional conflict the only way she knows how, with extreme violence. She appears to not only kill her sister, but starts bumping off anyone who bothers her.

Tomaselli tells the site, "You can expect it at some point… Alice, Sweet Alice 2…Alfred is transferring the rights to Alice, Sweet Alice over to me…He wants me to direct a sequel. I told him he should direct it. But he wants me to. As you know, I am completely obsessed with that film and grew up watching it almost daily. Alice, Sweet Alice made its premiere in Paterson, New Jersey when I was 7 years-old. Just recently, Alfred gave me this great news. I’m thrilled. I guess it sort of makes sense because the original film is about evil passed on from generation to generation. And both of our films are about evil cloaked in religion. I know Alice, Sweet Alice 2 will have a giallo-like feel with some brutal, bizarre murders. I’ll even get to incorporate the spine-tingling Stephen Lawrence music from the original."

The spines evoking chills even now…