Supes, Now that's kicking your arse


Drew Barrymore as Lois Lane? McG as the Director? You sure this ain’t a ribbing for the next “Charlies Angels”? No? Ok, then we has truly got a rather intriguing “Superman” movie on our hands haven’t we?

According to IGN FilmForce, Barrymore is indeed the favourite to play Lois Lane, and McG – who was originally attached to direct “Superman” – has signed to do it.

"Many people at Warner Brothers and on Superman fought to get (McG) back onboard," the site was told. "Other executives are not convinced he is the safest pair of hands for Superman. McG is onboard and if Warners are comfortable with the script and him then he’ll make it. You understand how bad it would look if they announced him now and in six months they dumped him when someone better comes along?"

In addition to Ms Barrymore being the favourite to play the Daily Planet’s hard-working Lois, McG apparently has three choices for Superman – but isn’t ready to change them yet. [Heck, we hope he isn’t going to “Charlies Angels” for that role! Can you imagine Crispin Glover in blue tights? Or Sam Rockwell in a Cape? Or Luke Wilson running faster than a train?] One of those contenders might be Ashton Kutcher [yep the guy keeps going from Superman to Batman and back to Superman again], who McG had a little chat with, as hooked up by his “Full Throttle” starlet Demi Moore. “Kutcher is the preferred choice of Warner Brothers for either franchise because he might attract teenage girls to go see a superhero movie, a niche audience that many comic book movies don’t land. Besides, Kutcher seems hellbent on being taken seriously now as an actor”, adds the source.

“Our sources also informed us that fans and the press should only expect to hear from Warner Brothers when they’re denying a published report or have a formal announcement to make. After the very public flame-outs of both Batman vs. Superman and Superman, Warner Brothers apparently won’t "say anything about their Big Three [Batman, Superman and Catwoman] until they are in a position where they have a manageable budget and are good to go. The emphasis is on preparing these movies and making sure everyone is comfortable with the direction they are heading, not rushing into it panicking."