Wahlberg gets the Brazilian treatment


See, you don’t have to have a hit film for the studio to want to greenlight a sequel these days? Just ask F.Gary Gray who might just be in talks with Paramount to do a sequel to his remake of “The Italian Job”. Talking to the BBC, Gray announced that the studio has an idea for a “Brazilian Job”, which would reunite the original cast, for a mission to take place in South America. "I’d do it. Absolutely. I loved the first one,” he told the BBC. “I love working with Mark Wahlberg. I love working with Charlize Theron and Seth Green. If we do another one, I’ll be right there." He also said he was
hopeful that the cast would return. "I think I’d get most of them back because they’re all good friends and we had a really good time making the movie. I would be really instrumental in creating the second one. It would be fantastic.” Thanks to Coming Soon.