Clints Bits – 25/7


There’s another contender for the coveted Aussie comedy nods with "Take Away". Checked out the flick today, and must say, quite a cack. The plot could be summed up in a sentence, but the cast, director and writers have done their homework and come up with something genuinely amusing. You can check out my review here. Best of luck too, to Tony Martin’s film "Bad Eggs" over the weekend.

  • Dark Horizons reports that there’s a slight possibility that Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” might be turned into either a film trilogy or series. But it’s way down the track..

  • Wrestler Bill Goldberg has signed to star in the “Dragonball Z” movie as ‘Nappa’, reports rajahwwf

  • The name of the Britney Spears-Nascar movie is “Trading Paint”, according to MotorSportsTV

  • The Classic Cinema in Melbourne is presenting a Q + A with “Night We Called it a Day” director Paul Goldman on August 6th, 2003.

  • A Game based on the upcoming flick “Underworld” can be downloaded here

  • Samantha Mathis and Will Patton have joined the cast of “The Punisher”, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Production starts August 2nd in Tampa Bay.

  • Versatile young actor Jared Harris [“I Shot Andy Warhol”] has joined the cast of “Resident Evil : Apocalypse”. According to the Hollywood Reporter, he plays Dr. Ashford, a wheelchair-bound genius who has developed a formula to create superhumans. Ashford’s formula falls into the wrong hands and is used to create supersoldiers

  • A report on Dark Horizons indicates that a “Terminator 4” is looking more and more likely. Hopefully, it won’t take twelve years to do.

  • Steve Zahn [“National Security”] is stepping up in quality a bit, having nabbed a role in the Matthew McConaughey starring “Sahara”. Zahn will play Al Giordino, the wisecracking sidekick to McConaughey’s Dirk Pitt character.

  • Michelle Rodriguez [“Resident Evil”] will next star opposite Matt Dillon and Willem Dafoe in “Control”, says Variety. The Tim Hunter directed flick begins production on August 10.

  • According to Variety, Johny Knoxville will star in Fox Searchlight’s comedy “The Ringer” to be directed by Barry Blaustein. The film stars Knoxville as a guy who pretends to be mentally challenged so he can fix the Special Olympics.

  • John Stockwell is in talks to helm “Into the Blue”, which follows conflict between young vacationers and treasure hunters when they discover a deadly wreck at sea.

  • A Scooper for Dark Horizons has news on the “Big Trouble in Little China 2” rumour. "Funny how rumors spread… John did a Q&A after a screening of Big Trouble in Little China last week at the Arclight in Hollywood and someone suggested he do a sequel. John would love to but said that he didn’t think any studio would give him the money to do it".

  • Jake Gyllenhaal has joined Gwyneth Paltrow in advanced talks to star in Miramax’s feature version of “Proof”, to be directed by John Madden. They’ve both done the stage version.

  • Bloody Disgusting has a great interview up with Robert Englund who talks “Freddy vs. Jason” and the future of Krueger.

  • Mike Newell [“Mona Lisa Smile”] is being eyed as the director of the next “Harry Potter” flick, “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, says The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Aint it Cool received a review of the forthcoming “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Be afraid, very afraid?