Shovelling Cole into "American Gothic" movie


My girlfriend just did a cartwheel, smothered me in a dozen kisses and screamed like Corey Feldman at a successful audition. Why? She and the gang at have heard that short-lived [but seemingly much loved] TV series “American Gothic”, starring Gary Cole as the charismatic sheriff/devil, is to get the feature film treatment. According to the site, Universal are mulling over the possibility of the film, as well as putting the original series out on DVD and getting another season of the show going.

The proposal for the movie includes getting original leads Brenda Bakke, Gary Cole, Nick Searcy, and Jake Weber back, whilst getting young Haley Joel Osment to fill the shoes of the aged Lucas Black.

A source for the site adds, “"We are going to ignore season 1. We are going to take the pilot and some other episodes, and use them as the basis for the film, redoing everything from scratch as if the series never happened. Then wrap it up at the ending… then have ‘AG: Revisited’ premiere on Sci-Fi channel. In a Season 1, picking up where the movie left off. […] Some things will stay, some will change… like we will be keeping Jake [Weber] on the show."

A message from Craig R. Marquardo, president of Fathom Motion Picture Company, adds "I have been distracted from the AG project because other films moved a lot faster and needed my attention. I am pleased to let you know that Jake Weber and Brenda Bakke have both been signed to reprise their roles in both the feature film version, and then for Season 2 of the series."

We’ll keep you posted on this one.