Hopefully it's a load of Bullock


Someone’s definitely on, ahem, Speed. After the dire “Speed 2 : Cruise Control” you’d think the series would have all crash and burned, but nup, according to a report on Dark Horizons, “Speed 3” could be just around the corner. "There’s a year-old script circulating around that may or may not be considered for a lower-budgeted ‘Speed’ sequel. From what I understand, Fox doesn’t own the rights to the script yet but they’re interested in buying it in turnaround and potentially revitalizing the franchise. The theory is, if they can make this new ‘Speed’ for under 30 mil (like the original) they can turn a profit and bring the series back to life after the awful and bloated ‘Speed 2’. I don’t know much about this script other than it may center around an armored car or a police escort of some sort. It was bought last year by a rival studio and has yet to be made. The studio also shot a pilot for a ‘Speed’ TV series that was never picked up. They are considering combining the two materials. There are no plans for any original actors to return though, and this would be considered a sequel in name and theme only". Somebody pinch me, I’ve fell asleep and succumb to a ghastly nightmare where all films are rubbishy sequels.