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Williams, Newman and Sarandon at Presidential Hearing

How this for a powerhouse ensemble: Robin Williams, Paul Newman and Susan Sarandon. And better still, it’s not just the guest-list for a Hanks roasting, but a feature. According to Coming Soon, the three heavyweights will team for a historical film called Conspirator, set during the Civil War. According to inside sources, Liverpool’s architecture appealed greatly to the filmmakers, who think it will fit beautifully into the film’s plot – a courtroom drama about the assassination of Abe Lincoln. "A lot of key scenes will be filmed in Liverpool and we understand the stars, Susan Sarandon – who will play the lead -Robin Williams and Paul Newman will be here towards the end of the year or early 2004.", says Colin McKeown, Production Team Consultant. A fourth big name is set to be announced shortly.

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