Jamie "Lies" through her teeth


“True Lies 2” will never happen, that’s according to Jamie Lee Curtis, who spoke to Coming Soon. “’True Lies 2′ will never get made. Never happen. You know why? I found out why. Because terrorists aren’t funny anymore. They never were, but, it was distant enough from our psyche that we could make it funny. It’ll never be funny again. I just think that that is over, that kind of humor is over".

But wasn’t it rumoured to be happening? "I found this out only recently, because I never understood why, thinking, this is weird, why aren’t we doing it? Because we had the big meeting, I thought we were gonna make it, it was all heading down that road. We literally had the big dinner, we all got together and it was a big thumbs up and lets do this and blah, blah, blah. And then, September 11th happened, and then, I mean obviously. I finally asked, I said, ‘What really happened’. Jim and Ray and Arnold all felt that. If someone had ever asked me, I would’ve agreed with them. You can’t do that again. You just can’t make that threat funny."

"Unless they come up with some sort of businessman, make it about Republican businessmen who are evil, and then, you know, then we can make it. Maybe they’ll make it about…I know, an American presidency, with kind of, I know, and we’ll have the guy not be so bright, oh, that’s great!"

"No, instead I think if they do that, then they’ll probably call and say they have another idea, but based on the original concede, it’ll be that somehow a bad guy group is doing something bad to humanity and the world."