Does John Woo have the power of Greyskull?


It sounded far fetched, but apparently the rumour that John Woo is interested in doing a “Masters of the Universe” movie has some genuineness to it. IGN FilmForce checked in with its trustworthy source close to director John Woo about recent rumors and much to their surprise, found them to be true.

According to the source, Woo has indeed expressed interest in doing “Masters of the Universe”, but that was over a year ago. Woo still remains interested in the project, but a good script has to find its way to him first.

“Woo is said to be drawn to He-Man because of its mythic elements and period setting. He also didn’t strike our source as particularly concerned about 1987’s Masters of the Universe”, says the site.

“IGN FilmForce was also advised that there is "no way" that Woo’s long-planned historical epic Land of Destiny can begin filming this February despite what the director himself recently told the Calgary Sun. Between juggling schedules, script rewrites and the sheer logistics of the project, our source believes Woo was overly optimistic in estimating Destiny’s start date.

“Our source assured us, though, that Woo is hellbent on bringing Destiny to the screen just as Martin Scorsese was obsessed with Gangs of New York. Woo wants audiences to know about this largely forgotten chapter in Chinese-American history."

Thanks to ‘Stax’