Dwayne script rocking along


One of the Rock’s next flicks, “Spyhunter”, a live-action adaptation of Midway Games’ popular game, is moving full speed ahead, says Coming Soon, who had a chance to talk to producer Adrian Askarieh. "We are expecting a draft of the screenplay, by writers Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, to be turned in very shortly and hope to be filming in very early 2004. The story will take place around the world and is being made to appeal to both the fans of the game and general audiences. The Interceptor will play a major part in the film. Audiences can expect to see one of the most vicious film villains in a very long time. We are really having fun with matching The Rock against a bad guy that is a real threat to him and we feel that we are coming up with someone that not only holds his own with The Rock, but a character that could become an unforgettable bad guy."