Angel, Who you Gonna Call?


The season finale of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” is still a week away here in Australia. And although wounded webmasters like me had all the goods spilled months ago to them, I’d hate you down under fans to hear what you don’t want to. So, don’t both reading on, if you’d like to have a spoiler-free send off for the treasured series. All others learn more about Spike’s entrance into “Angel”…

According to a report on Aint it Cool, Spike will indeed be a ‘Ghost’, He’ll be able to pass through walls, doors and the like. Even worse, for both him and Angel, he’s locked to Angel, therefore unable to flee through the doors of Wolfram and Hart and back to Sunnydale. He’ll be visible to all, but his apparition will sometimes come in and out.

But there might be hope for Spike. There’s a new client at Wolfram and Hart, who opens up new possibilities for William the Bloody.

“For the second time in two episodes, Angel will rankle a key Wolfram & Hart client. This week’s disgruntled? One Magnus Hainsley. No relation to “West Wing’s” hot red hot and blonde Republican Ainsley Hayes. One presumes. Hainsley, a telekinetic, runs what Angel terms a “body shop” and has uses for the recently deceased. He services an inhuman clientele. If you’re thinking snacks? You’d be wrong. Hainsley stops short of dusting Angel, noting that the senior pardners still have plans for the series’ title character. Angel pulls an “Eliot Ness” on Hainsley. Which Spike mocks as well. ainsley hints that Spike’s ghostly status could be temporary – if Spike teams with Hainsley against Angel. But it turns out the flesh Hainsley initially promises Spike won’t look very Spike-like. But will nonetheless be very Buffy-boyfriend-like. IF you know what we mean. Spike intimates that he likes Winifred Burkle in a more-than-brotherly fashion!”.

Ok, enough spoilers for now.

“Angel” returns to television screens October 1 on the WB.