DVD promises bigger slice of Pie


IGNFilmForce report that the forthcoming “American Wedding” [or “American Pie –The Wedding” as it’s known here in oz] was shot with the eventual DVD in mind. By that, they mean, the filmmakers had a video crew follow the cast for the entire shoot to get their thoughts on all three films. For the bachelor party scene, two extra days were taken to film footage for the unrated DVD. Star, Jason Biggs, says : “"It’s called Beneath the Crust. The wit never ends with us. …We had a DVD crew with us the whole time during American Wedding… We did a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff catered specifically to our experiences from the first two movies. There will be two DVDs specific to each of the first two films just loaded with great stories, behind-the-scenes stuff… Tours of sets… and I think its gonna be pretty kickass…"