Oh Well, it is Britney in skimpy shorts..


Scariest news to come out of Hollywood all day folks – Paul Walker and Ashton Kutcher as Bo and Luke Duke, Anthony Anderson as Boss Hogg, and Britney Spears as Daisy Duke. Yep, seems Warners feature film version of gravely 70’s “Dukes of Hazard” is moving full speed ahead, with the aforesaid actors all reportedly interested in jumping out of the General Lee’s windows. Kutcher is so into the role, he apparently dressed up as Luke Duke last year on Halloween. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script’s still being wrestled into shape though, so it’ll still be a while off. The original series that ran on CBS from 1979-85 centered on the mischevious fast-drivin’ cousins, Bo and Luke Duke, and their constant run-in’s with the law.