Clints Bits – 1/8


While I’ll no doubt work most of the weekend, I hope you all have a good one. Among today’s miscellaneous titbits a new film for Phil Noyce, Patrick Swayze’s new one-sheeter, more “Dukes of Hazard” rumours and a possible “Buffy” resurrection?

  • Universal and producer Kevin Misher have tapped screenwriter Scott Rosenberg (Con-Air) to pen an update of 1977 thriller “The Sentinel”, says Variety, about a fashion model who moves into a Brooklyn brownstone only to discover it’s the site of a gate to hell.

  • “Bend It Like Beckham” director Gurinder Chadha will next direct “Tucker Ames” for Fox 2000, centering on a multibillionaire computer mogul who decides to go AWOL right in the middle of testimony for a civil suit. He finds refuge by getting hired at a small theater company where he falls in love with the play’s director and learns some self truths while playing a less-than-flattering caricature of himself.

  • Empire Online has posted pics from “Shaun of the Dead”, a new film in production starring the team from UK TV’s “Spaced”.

  • Whoopi Goldberg and Samuel L. Jackson are set to play recently deceased salsa legend Celia Cruz and her husband Pedro Knight in a biopic says The New York Post, via Dark Horizons.

  • Tommy Lee Jones is to play hapless Sheriff’s deputy Roscoe P Coltraine in the “Dukes of Hazzard” movie, according to People News.

  • Darren Star told E Online that he’d like to have the “Sex and the City” girls guest-star on Alicia Silverstone’s new series “Miss Match”.

  • Joss Whedon told About.Com that he’s toying with the idea of doing a “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” Broadway show – that would be a ‘Year One’ of sorts.

  • Patrick Swayze’s official site has the poster up for Patrick and wife Lisa Niemi’s movie “Without a Word” here

  • Showbiz Ireland got snaps of Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore on the set of their new film “Laws of Attraction” in Ireland. Check the pics out here

  • James L.Brooks is searching for three ‘Latina’ actresses to star in the upcoming romantic comedy "Spanglish”, says CommandEntertainment. Written and directed by Brooks, the film will begin production this fall and is the story of a mother and daughter as they move to LA, confronting opportunities and ‘challenges of life’ in the US.

  • The Matt Damon Column reports : “Ocean’s 12" is a done deal, but it will be filmed primarily in Monte Carlo, not Las Vegas. George Clooney and producer Jerry Weintraub are staying at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco’s capital this weekend, where they are scouring the municipality to scout shooting locations. The plot will center on a theft featuring either the British crown jewels or a Vatican icon. Filming is scheduled to start in Rome in February.”

  • Catwoman candidate, Benjamin Bratt, has joined the cast of “Thumbsucker”. Bratt’s playing a television star in the film.

  • Emma Roberts has won the lead role in “Daisy Roberts”, about an 11-year-old girl who lives with her photographer mother in a small Oregon town. After experiencing a life-changing loss, Daisy copes in an especially unique and remarkable way. Rachel Weisz co-stars.

  • Phil Noyce will direct “American Pastoral”, about a school athlete and devoted family man who discovers his beloved sister has become a revolutionary terrorist bent on destroying everything he has valued in the life he has built for his family.