Schools Out for new "Angel" star


The final episode of the season for “Angel” aired here in oz last night. Not a bad send-off if I do say. If it’d been the series finale, and not just the season finale, it might also have been quite apt, considering the show’s perceptibly heading into a different direction next season. Still, nice what they did with the long-suffering Connor, isn’t it? He’s out next season, as you’d all probably know – come meet one of the new cast members.

According to Variety, Sarah Thompson [“Boston Public”] has signed on for the new season, playing Eve, the new assistant to Angel (David Boreanaz) at Wolfram & Hart.

Thompson has been signed for six episodes, hopefully filling the gap left by departing cast members Charisma Carpenter and Vincent Kartheiser.

Executive producer Jeffrey Bell tells Variety Thompson’s character "will be an anomaly at Wolfram & Hart in that she seems like a normal and well-adjusted young lady."

"She seems sort of too normal," Bell said, adding Thompson’s character "may or may not be a love interest for Angel. The goal is to have her be a consistent force in our characters’ lives."

The entire dynamic of the show will shift this season as the series moves away from its creepy hotel setting and into a more workplace-focused atmosphere at the evil law firm of Wolfram & Hart.

"Visually the show’s going to look very different than it has before," Bell adds. "And we’re trying to tell stories that are much more stand-alone and yet still resonate in the same way (with loyal fans)."

In addition to Marsters and Thompson, Bell said Mercedes McNab, who has made guest appearances on both "Buffy" and Angel, will also be a recurring player this season.

"She has a history with Spike, and she brings a great sense of humor to the show," he said.

Bell is also hoping to attract several "Buffy" alums to make appearances this season, assuming the proper plotlines can be constructed.