Zombie's "House" Renovation Plans


I won’t exactly be in line for it, but I know a few of you die-hard horror buffs will. “House of 1000 Corpses 2” Director Rob Zombie told MTV what we can expect. "[Making the movie] is totally different this time. With Lions Gate [Films], they came to the rescue. And they really believe in the project. It’s more like the opposite [of making the last one]. This time they are wishing me to move faster, so it’s kind of funny. I started [writing] the sequel before I knew that I had a deal, because I just kind of function that way. It’s almost done. Most of the script is completed, and if all goes well, we should start shooting in the fall". How’s reaction been? "The fan reaction has been amazing, and that’s all you can hope for, really. Without getting too specific, what I want to do with the second one, I don’t want to re-create the first one and just put a ‘2’ on the end of it. [It takes place] a week later, and [it deals with] the repercussions of what happened in the first film. At this point I kind of know what everybody loves, and that’s all the bad characters, obviously. So it’s just them going off on other things. But it’s going to be totally different than anyone expects. And it will probably be a lot more violent"