Freddy vs Jason vs Leatherface?


You may have read about it over at Bloody Disgusting recently, and now Fangoria has further details on a new flick that’ll team ‘original’ Freddy and Jason, Robert Englund and Kane Hodder. Also starring Gunner Hansen, the film’s called “The Last Horror Picture Show”, based on a script by Hansen and Gary Jones. "Basically, a group of college students are out to see the locations where their favorite horror movie, The Barbecue Massacre, was filmed, and they stumble across a family of real killers, whom the movie and its sequels were actually based on. Terrible and horrific things start to happen to the kids at that point. We?re talking to a couple of other genre film people at this point, but no one else has been signed”, says Producer Jeff Miller. The movie, which will apparently have some in-joke’s for die-hard Freddy/Jason fans, will roll in Los Angeles this fall for a mid-2004 release.