Hamilton takes a second "Bite"


God I still remember watching the original on VHS. Would’ve been one of the first films to hit the medium here I’d say – yep, I’m that old. Netscape News, via Bloody Disgusitng, reports that a sequel to George Hamilton’s classic “Love at First Bite” [1979] is in the works.

Unimaginatively called “Love at Second Bite”, the site says it’s finally happening – after years of stops and starts. “He’s gotten together with producer and one-time ABC chieftain Tony Thomopoulos. And, though "It’s early on" in the resurrected project, according to George, they have the "financing and ability to put it together. Thomopoulos tells us the idea was, "Let’s take a crack at doing it in today’s world. There’s another opportunity here." Hamilton says he happened to be in New York for business meetings recently, and ran into "Love at First Bite" co-star Richard Benjamin "in an elevator. I said, ‘Dick, you’re not going to believe this, but we’re going to do a sequel.’" Adding, "The newly-re-envisioned comedy would have "a much younger group of people. Dracula in this case has kids," says George. "The first movie was about the death of romance. This is about kids who have no knowledge of romance at all." And who better to raise their awareness than debonair Hollywood sophisticate Hamilton, in his Dracula gear? "He notes, "Last year, I had the choice of two movies. One was with Red Man and Method Man — they wanted me to play the Vice President of the United States. I said, ‘No.’ I wanted to make Woody Allen’s movie, ‘Hollywood Ending,’ instead." And now, "I’ve realized I can’t say ‘No’ to movies of interest to 15-year-olds," says George.