Jack's Back…but for how long?


You’ve still a good three months to wait before it returns to screen. But today, news surfaces on what we can expect from episode one of the third season of “24”,

According to Aint it Cool, the season opener “is David Palmer’s collapse following his encounter with hot, nakedness-prone lesbian assassin Mandy. We fade to black, then get a title card: “THREE YEARS LATER.”

Three years later, we see that Palmer is a-ok, in fact “he’s up and preparing for a debate on the USC campus in Los Angeles. He’s running for re-election against one Sen. Keeler.” But, “When Palmer waves to the crowd, we see his hand is scarred, and when he’s alone with staffers he demonstrates a momentary shortness of breath. But it’s mentioned that no one has “done a full work-up” on Palmer in “a while.”

And who’s D.B Woodside playing? “Woodside (Faith’s principal boyfriend on the final season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) not only plays Palmer’s new chief of staff, he plays Palmer’s kid brother”

And Jack Bauer’s now the boss? “Jack is Los Angeles director of field ops. Jack and Tony each run a different CTU department under the same roof. (It should be noted that Tony has just been offered a job that would relocate him to CIA HQ in Virginia.) We learn that Jack has spent the last year bringing to justice one Ramon Salazar, a “narco-terrorist.” For six months, Jack was undercover, pretending to be Salazar’s friend.” Now, the terrorist makes a comeback..

Rumours about Kate [Sarah Wynter] being involved in episode one are untrue. Seems they’ve had a relationship, but it’s now off, with the only time you hear Kate is when she calls Jack to ask him to clear more stuff out of her place.

And Kimmy is really working at CTU? “She is. She’s kind of of the new Jamie Farrell (sans the traitorous component), and demonstrates a real faculty for computer science”.

And seems both Kimmy and Daddy are harbouring secrets. Kimmy’s refers to her love life, whilst Jack’s has something to do with his health.

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