Park getting his fingers sticky…and then some


Finally fans, looks like a date is set for production to begin on a “Wallace and Gromit” movie. According to Variety, Nick Park will start shooting the film in September. The film, which Park will direct with Steve Box, will reveal the latest misadventures of the cheese-loving inventor from northern England and his quizzical dog, who have already starred in several lauded shorts. Park’s Aardman Animations recently struck a four-picture deal with Dreamworks, the deal which will also include “The Tortoise and the Hare” [which had started, but has now been aborted], and “Flushing Away”, about two rats whose lives take a turn for the better when they are washed down a sewer and up into a penthouse. Meantime, “Wallace and Gromit” is due for release in Summer 2005.