Friedkin's been doing some grisly reading


William Friedkin would have to be one of the best men to interview. He’s got stories, and then some. And he’s not afraid to tell you what films he’d like to make next. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of the one he’s just signed for. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the “Exorcist” Director will direct a film adaptation of Robert Silverberg’s sci-fi novel "The Book of Skulls", for Paramount. Jeff Davis will adapt the project, a psychological horror story about four college students who discover an ancient book that provides the secret to eternal life — a secret that comes with a terrible price. Alphaville executive Rebecca Nelson is overseeing. "To be writing a psychological horror film for William Friedkin, the man who set the standard in the genre by directing what is considered the scariest and most viscerally disturbing movie of all time, is more than a writer could hope for," said Davis, referring to the filmmaker’s classic "The Exorcist." Be nice to have Bill doing some horror again, ey?