Just when you thought the "Species" were extinct


When I asked Michael Madsen about the chances of a “Species 3” a while back, he assertively replied “if there is a god” it’ll never happen – commenting on his calamitous experience on “Species 2”. But surprise, surprise, “Species 3” is as good as go – according to FilmJerk. But luckily for Madsen – and anyone else connected to the first two movies, it looks like they won’t be asked to come back.

According to the site, “Species 3”, which is scheduled to begin shooting in Vancouver and Nova Scotia beginning October 7, will start the series afresh with a new cast and new storyline – Which unfortunately means no naked Natasha Henstridge.

“According to casting notes obtained by FilmJerk.com, there will not be one, but two femme fatales in the second sequel.

“The first, Sara, is the third generation of part-alien, part-human creatures. A nearly perfect alien, Sara has been raised by renegade biochemistry professor Abbot, and has emerged from her chrysalis, ready to breed. Merciless in her quest for a breeding partner, Sara has astonishing physical strength and the capacity to transform her body into an assortment of aggressive forms, including claws and tentacles. Able to learn at an alarming rate, Sara goes in search of a mate, only to learn that no human is perfect enough to continue her line. Lonely and sad, she soon finds herself hunted by half-breed aliens Amelia and Yosef, and turns to Dean, Abbot’s young lab aide, for help in protecting her precious eggs from being harvested by the half-breeds.

“Her counterpart is Amelia, who has enough alien DNA to make her a ruthless predator, as well as enough human DNA to make her vulnerable to viral diseases. Hell-bent on finding Sara’s eggs, Amelia puts out a singles ad, looking for a man with specialized biochemistry skills, and is led straight to Hastings, Dean’s horny buddy. Determined to use Hastings to get to Sara, Amelia proves to be a stunning but homicidally sexy woman, willing to do anything to preserve her species and her rapidly decaying body.

“Both the "breathtakingly sensual" Sara and the "beautiful" Amelia promise to have plentiful amounts of nudity. Considering this film is being planned to go direct to video, fans may see even more sensuality within the series, although both actresses chosen for the roles will be required to wear alien makeup and prosthetics.

Funnily enough, FilmJerk lists MGM/UA Home Video as the distributor – so that almost certainly means it’s going direct to video.