Silent Bob on Bennifer Bomb


“Gigli” may be an unappetizing piece of stale loaf, but something about Ben and Jen’s next teaming “Jersey Girl” is still pretty alluring. And Kevin Smith – via his official site – says he’s confident people will come to see the film too, despite Ben and Jen’s first teaming being panned to the max.

As far as all this worrying about what this weekend’s Gigli reception means for Jersey Girl – don’t waste your energy. We’re gonna be fine. Apples and oranges. S***, apples and blowjobs, really. No further prognostication necessary. I know it’s a hot topic this weekend for obvious reasons, but lest we have to endure all this nail-biting speculation for the next eight months, let’s curb it now. Whatever’s gonna happen’s gonna happen. If it’s any consolation, I’m not sweating it." Smith says the reaction of test audiences to Jersey Girl has more than cemented his faith in the film. He explains, "I’ve seen Jersey Girl with audiences. I know all the stuff regarding the release plans for the flick that we don’t talk about here. And while I’m sorry that Gigli didn’t do better this weekend, its critical reaction and box office take won’t have the slightest effect on Jersey Girl. Take my word for it."

In an interview with with Daily Variety columnist Army Archerd, Affleck commented on “Gigli” saying “The movie didn’t work. You work just as hard on a good movie as on a bad one. We tried to fix it. But it was like putting a fish’s tail and a donkey’s head. I feel like we were caught in the eye of a storm — an earthquake that starts out at sea and by the time it reaches the shore it’s !!!" Affleck says that after “Jersey Girl” he doubts he and Jennifer will ever be hired to work together again.

Meantime, Sony are cutting their losses are pulling mid-week ads for the film from papers and Television stations.