The 'Price' is right?


Was I the only person to get a kick out of the recent remake of “House on Haunted Hill”? Ok, no Vincent Price, but quite a genuinely freaky little effort, and Geoffrey Rush seemed more suited for the role than lilies around a Frog. But alas, I wasn’t very impressed in those other remakes, namely “Thirteen Ghosts”. Might “House of Wax” take-two be worthwhile? Too early to predict, but regardless, that’s on the drawing board over at Dark Castle apparently. Chad and Chris Hayes will rework the original film, which centred on a killer museum curator played by Vincent Price who loses his wax museum to a fire and rebuilds it on the cheap by merely covering corpses in wax. And while on the topic, five films from Herschell Gordon Lewis are also getting remade, and in 3-D. They’re “The Wizard of Gore”, “Blood Feast, She-Devils on Wheels, Color Me Blood Red and Gruesome Twosome”. Believe it or not, each film is budgeted at under $1 million – Sounds acerbically marvellous.