Ali G invited to Dreamworks "Dinner"


I assumed The Ali G movie was a once off. Let me rephrase that, I hoped it was a one off. Yeah, big fan folks. Regardless, DreamWorks Pictures is developing a remake of Francis Veber’s French comic hit Le Diner de Cons ("The Idiot Game") and Ali, aka Sacha Baron Cohen, has been tapped to star. Called “Dinner for Schmucks”, the film centres on Cohen will play a character deemed to possess such "extraordinary schmuckiness" that he is capable of ruining the life of anyone who spends more than a few minutes in his orbit. Choen will play a variety of new characters. And further proof that Sacha is milking his character as much as he can, he’s in talks for a second film, one that would centre on his TV character, Borat, the Kazakh TV reporter character.