Clints Bits – 8/8


Ok guys as you’ve probably gathered from the banner above, I’m heading down to cover the “Australian International Movie Convention” on the Gold Coast for the next week or so, and Marcus ‘The Media Shark’ Ferrell will be manning the site. Upon return, I’ll have all the details on what I checked out up there, be it films, or trailers, as well as any news that surfaces from the event, and whether Garth Franklin and I had to go on a late night beer-run because we drank the convention centre out dry. Until then, It’s over to Marcus…Have a great week guys.

  • have an interview with Cy Carter who plays Billy Otter in the movie, as well as posting some new images.

  • The “Mystic River” website is being previewed on the website. It’ll go live next Monday.

  • The Stax Report at IGN FilmForce has been updated with a look at William Monahan’s screenplay for “Tripoli”, which Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott are attached to.

  • Details about scenes that were cut from “American Wedding” are now up on the Chicago Sun Times website.

  • Stuart Hazeldine (Riverworld) is confirmed to be penning the DC comics adaptation of “Battleworld”, reports Counting Down.

  • says that writers Ron Mita and Jim McClain [SWAT] have been hired to pen an adaptation of the famous 90’s computer game, “Doom”.

  • Laura Regan [They] has landed the role of Jessica Lynch in the NBC TV movie, reports Yahoo! News.

  • According to Dark Horizons, my ol pal Tom Clancy will guest star in an upcoming episode of “The Simpsons”. I presume as himself.

  • Coming Soon have posted a slew of new pictures up from the forthcoming “Scary Movie 3” here. Actually looking forward to this one.

  • According to the IMDB, both Eric McCormack and Robert Downey Jr have passed on a chance to play Charles Manson a new adaptation on Vincent Bugliosi book “Helter Skelter”.

  • Twentieth Century Fox has signed a joint-venture deal with Bollywood’s Applause Entertainment to co-produce and distribute remakes of Hollywood pics, like “Phone Booth”.

  • According to FilmJerk, Lisa Robin Kelly will no longer be playing the character of Laurie Forman on Fox’s “That ‘70s Show”, which FOX looking for a replacement.

  • Rumours are circulating that the “Fantastic Four” movie may be set for an Australian shoot. The project is now out to new directors.

  • Dimension Films has picked up rights to Steve Niles’ comic book “Wake the Dead”, a supernatural series which is a retelling of the Frankenstein legend, says Variety.