Kennedy playing Cumming's Dad? Huh?


About a week after I interviewed him, Jamie Kennedy signed for the “Mask” sequel. Nice timing huh? Would’ve been nice to get some dirt on the flick. – Anyway, someone got some goss out of him about the film. The “Son of the Mask” star talked to MTV about the flick. "I’m not playing the Jim Carrey character, I’m playing a different character. … I play a father," Kennedy revealed at Saturday’s Teen Choice Awards”. In "Son of the Mask," Kennedy will play a cartoonist named Tim Avery whose life is turned upside down when his infant son stumbles upon the mask of Loki, the same treasure Carrey’s Stanley Ipkiss discovered in 1994’s "The Mask." Alan Cumming ("X-Men 2") will play the son (behind the Loki mask, of course) and Lawrence Guterman ("Cats & Dogs") will direct the movie, which will be shot in Australia. So far there are no plans for Jim Carrey to appear in the movie, says the site.