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Clints Bits – 19/8

Clints Bits – 19/8

The scoop ‘Costume Department’ card for ‘Mad Max 4 : Fury Road’ we got yesterday, seems to have raised a few brows. Funnily enough, I was even contacted by someone roughly connected to the flick who says there’s an ounce of a chance the Mel Gibson film might be closing up shop – hence the reason we were anonymously submitted the door card. Hopefully, this turns out to be purely rumour, but we’ll keep tabs on proceedings anyway.

  • Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield have been hired to pen the Cedric the Entertainer/ Mike Epps starring remake of “The Honeymooners”.

  • Disney are reportedly set to change the name of their film “Sharkslayer” to something less violent sounding. The film opens a month after “The Invincibles”.

  • Raven [Cosby Show] will star in a remake of 1976 drama “Sparkle”, about a Supremes-like group of singing sisters.

  • Producer Gale Anne Hurd and her Valhalla Television have signed an exclusive TV development deal with Viacom Productions to do “Corporate Spy”, about a woman co-opted by her sexy corporate spy mother so they may reconcile their estranged relationship and ultimately becomes a partner in her mother’s work.

  • Coming Soon has a list of the extras we can expect on the “Terminator 3” DVD here

  • Melissa George talked to TV Guide about her role as Vaughn’s wife in TV’s “Alias”.

  • The A Boy and His Bird Website have a slew of set pics from “The Crow : Wicked Prayer”, right here

  • Michael York, Alexander Nevsky, Richard Tyson, Joanna Pacula, Robert Madrid, Adrian Paul and Andrew Divoff will begin begun filming the action/drama "Moscow Heat", about a retired diplomat and a LAPD detective who seek justice and pursue a psychotic murderer in Moscow, this week.

  • According to DVD Premiere Awards, “TimeCop : Berlin Decision”, starring Jason Scott Lee, hits video and DVD on September 30th.

  • "Scooby-Doo" star Linda Cardellini has joined the cast of NBC’s medical drama "ER", playing a single mother.

  • Chris Rock will star for Brian Grazer in “Sick Day”, about man who phones in sick to skip work only to see his plans for the day go awry as he proceeds to get involved in numerous destructive misunderstandings with his neighbors, nearly scotching his affectionate wife’s chances at a job promotion in the process.

  • Val Kilmer will play the part of a detective in Tom Cruise’s next flick “Collateral”. Cruise is of course playing the bad guy.

  • Producer Daniel Scharf tells me the Australian Film "Metal Skin" is being prepped for DVD Release next year.

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