Matt to the Future


The final new episode of “Futurama” just aired in the states, but already there’s plans for a movie version, the show’s co-creator, David X. Cohen, told Cinescape. "For my personal wishes I would look at a movie," he says “That’s what I’m aiming for. I know it’s kind of a longshot I guess at this point but on the other hand it, to me it seems like a no-brainer that it would be a success because it would be not that expensive as far as animated movies go. There’s an audience already built-in worldwide for this thing because the movie could easily show in Europe, in Australia, the United States, Mexico. To me it seems that it would be very easy to make your money back on a Futuarama movie. And any movie executives reading this right now I recommend that you take out your calculators and look at what I’m saying because it’s true!”.

"Whenever I say we should do a movie Matt Groening always says ‘A series of movies!’ so I know he’s into it. Nothing’s out of the question. I think that because of the success on Cartoon Network the people are raising an eyebrow. So maybe there is something else that we can do with the show whereas a few months ago I would have said, ah, you know, we’re done for."