"Diaries 2" not taking a page out of Meg's book


Heard from Author Meg Cabot who tells us the film version of “The Princess Diaries 2” is looking good. Says Meg, “Garry Marshall, Julie Andrews, Hector Elizondo, Anne Hathaway, and Heather Matarrazzo will be back for sure. Filming begins in November. They’re still casting for love interests for Princess Mia and Lilly. Robert Schwartzman-Carmine will not be returning as Michael as he is busy with his very successful band Rooney, and as the movie is taking place in Genovia, the Mandy Moore/Erik von Deten characters will not be returning either.” And in a surprising twist, “The 2nd movie won’t be following the plots of my books, so though the two Princess Mia universes will be diverging far from one another with this film, I think the film will still be super cute.”