Interview : Lee Cormie


A little over two years ago, Melbourne’s Lee Cormie, 11, had the chance to skip school for a while and work on a movie. It doesn’t seem like much of a big deal for the unpretentious youngster – star of the hot new horror flick “Darkness Falls” – but CLINT MORRIS suspects his young school pals might be just a little bit green-eyed.

“They weren’t jealous or anything”, says an obstinate Cormie. “No, no. not at all”. Many might find the youngsters comment hard to believe considering he was selected for a plum role in a big studio film, his first by the way. “They just rang me up, through my agent, to come and do an audition, I did it – and I had the part”.

The film, based on a short film by Joseph Harris enigmatically called “The Tooth Fairy”, tells the story of Kyle Walsh (Chaney Kley) who returns home to confront his troubled past and save his childhood sweetheart Caitlin (Emma Caulfield) and her younger brother Michael (Cormie) from an unrelenting evil that has plagued the town of Darkness Falls for over one hundred and fifty years.

The integral question to ask a young eleven year old appearing in a frightening horror movie is…was you scared? “Not doing it, but when you’re watching it, it is”. And the creature? “Not really. They were quite good. Yep. Yeah, she was nice. There’s a lot but I can’t really go through them”. And he’s not alone; Cormie says he recently took a couple of schoolmates to see the finished product. “They think it’s pretty cool. Two of them have seen it and think it’s scary. Well id already seen the creature before that but when it pops up, its still scary.”

Cormie says he had just as good a time filming the movie – shot in location in Melbourne – as being in it. “Chaney and the others like to swear and smoke and id collect money from them with a swear jar, and there was a buggy on set and we use to drive that around”.

“Darkness Falls” shot to the top of the U.S Box office, but Cormie’s insistent this was a one-off gig for him. “Unless of course they do the number two – I’d do that if it came up”.

And after ten long minutes of demanding questions, Cormie’s modest enough to admit he finds all this publicity a little demanding.” Yeah they’re [Interviews] hard. I’ve done about five”.

Darkness Falls, Opens August 28th across Australia