What a Wicked Game he plays..


When I last chatted to crooner Chris Isaak we had a brief chat about his role in David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me” – which he explained was a rather odd experience. And then debunked the rumours that he was tipped to take over the Nic Cage role in a Lynch-less sequel to “Wild at Heart” called “Sultans of Africa”. But he’s still interested in doing film it seems, with news today – from The Hollywood Reporter – that he’s signed for John Waters’s new film “A Dirty Shame”. Now, Waters is almost on par with Lynch when it comes to wackiness – so obviouisly the script’s a gem. The trade also reports that Tracey Ullman has the lead in the film, about a working-class convenience store owner who suffers a concussion only to become a sex addict with wild urges. Isaak will play her husband, who is trying to restore order with his wife and daughter. The fact that Isaak recently wrapped his final season of TV’s “The Chris Isaak Show” might have more to do with his decision to work for Waters.