Seems not everything is Invisible


From what I can gather, Warner is moving very fast on the “Wonder Woman” flick at all – but regardless, Superhero Hype has an interesting reader report whose got details on some of the storyboards he’s checked out for the flick, which at last call, Sarah Michelle Gellar was rumoured to be interested in starring in

According to the scooper, “I got some this scoop from a source (would like to be unnamed) who worked the production in the preliminary visualization stages. (SPOILERS INCLUDED!!):

“My source got very rough storyboards for the preliminary shots, in which Wonder Woman’s powers revolved mainly around her skills in defeating a gang of thugs in a hand to hand/foot battle scenario. This was set in a cathedral. To see how her super-human acrobatic abilities could be handled.

“The shots were choreographed and pre-visualized, gymnasts(!!) re-enacted the major-moves in a green screen, motion-capture environment.. The model at the time definitely looked like Sandra Bullock, my source was as much victim to rumour as anyone else.

“One shot had WW flying, WITHOUT the invisible plane!! She was able to actually put her arms out and fly (think of feminine Superman flight. . . much more wrist). Think of it more has hang-gliding with your arms. There was much back and forth on the ‘way’ she should fly, so there’s little doubt that ‘the powers that be’ are considering it. Bizarre, since she has an invisible plane.”