Director excised from Horror prequel


Recently we mentioned how Morgan Creek are reportedly so forlorn with Paul Schrader’s “Exorcist : The Beginning” that they’re not giving him any more money to tweak it, let alone release it at this stage. And now, according to gossip column, Page Six, Schrader has been given his marching orders. One production source told the column, "[Morgan Creek] was just so excited with having a marquee name, they didn’t bother with the details."The whole movie is done," another source said. "When Paul went to turn it in, Morgan Creek refused to give him his post-production money because they hated it. Paul had given them what was in the script – a creepy psychological thriller, with no gore.

"Morgan Creek wanted gore. They think that will sell. There were huge fights between Paul, who is more artistic, and the company, and earlier this week Paul was fired. They are planning on hiring a new director to reshoot some scenes."

The production source added: "They’ll probably have the new director shoot a couple of [gory] scenes. Paul is a great filmmaker; there was just something different Morgan Creek had in mind.

"The problem with Paul’s cut of the movie is it does not deliver the psychological fear we were looking for. It does have some good dramatic elements which can be rearranged with some good shooting into a very good movie.", added Caleb Carr, the "Exorcist IV" screenwriter.

Schrader was unavailable for comment. Funny thing is – and maybe that’s the plan –all this publicity makes me hungrier to see the film.