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Clints Bits – 28/8

Clints Bits – 28/8

Kevin Smith tells me he’s still undecided which route to take with “Fletch Won” – as in which star to go with- but he’s moving swiflty ahead with “Ranger Danger”, even giving his ol’ pal Jay a role in it. Today news on what Smith’s up to with both of those flicks, as well as a potential new “Masters of the Universe” helmer, movement for Tim Burton’s “Big Fish”, another “Austin Powers” possibility and spoilerish details on the “Dawn of the Dead” finale.

  • Kevin Smith says Jason Mewes will appear in “Ranger Danger and the Danger Rangers”, but not “Fletch Won”, says WebAskew.

  • Aint it Cool News has a review up of the forthcoming Jason Scott Lee starring sequel to Van Damme effort “TimeCop”, called “TimeCop : Berlin Decision”, here

  • The gorgeous Claire Forlani [“The Medallion”] will star in “A Stroke of Genius”, opposite Jim Caviezel, the story of Golf Legend Bobby Jones.

  • Brad Garrett has returned to work – after being on strike from his hit TV Series “Everybody Loves Raymond” over a pay dispute.

  • FilmJudge reports that Tsui Hark might direct a new “Masters of the Universe” film.

  • Ray Liotta has replaced Matt Dillon on the film “Control”, playing a sociopath who is taken into an experimental medical program.

  • Rumour is “Dracula 3 : The Legacy” will be screening as part of the ‘Screamfest’ festival in L.A On October 14th.

  • Juliette Binoche, Laurence Fishburne, Gary Sinise and Samuel Ball will star in “Scheherazade”, to be directed by Michael Apted. Binoche will portray the unfaithful wife of a mobster who is kidnapped by his henchmen and must talk her way to freedom. Budgeted at $12 million, the film is scheduled to begin production next month in London.

  • Aint it Cool reports that classic Kung-Fu flick “Master of the Flying Guillotine” is about get the remake treatment – with a Hip Hop Soundtrack and a more Urban feel.

  • Bloody Disgusting has the cover art up for “Mimic : Sentinel, which is in stores October 14th.

  • Deemed "too violent," the MPAA has ordered Artisan and the filmmakers behind the “House of the Dead” website, says Fangoria.

  • IGN FilmForce talked to Beyonce Knowles who revealed she’d love to be a part of the rumoured “Austin Powers 4” that New Line wants to do.

  • Cinescape have some details on where the last act of the new “Dawn of the Dead” will take place. Read on here.

  • According to NewsAskew, Kevin Smith is currently working on the second draft of the "Fletch Won" script. The film will be shot in L.A.

  • Johnny Depp responded to the news that he’s up for “Willie Wonka” by telling E News Live he’d be honoured. He said he’d even go see the film if another contender, Marilyn Manson, gets the nod.

  • Anthony Hopkins is in talks to star as Gwyneth Paltrow’s father in “Proof”, a new film about a troubled genius, says the SMH. The film co-stars Hope Davis.

  • Dark Horizons reports that Jason Biggs is tipped to replace Robert Downey Jr on Woody Allen’s next film.

  • The long-awaited “Return to Sleepaway Camp” starts filming later this year. Evan Farmer [“Austin Powers in Goldmember”] stars, and will provide some of the music for the film.

  • The Castel Films site has a slew of pictures up from the forthcoming “Hellraiser : Deader” starring Kari Wuhrer and Jason Scott Lee.

  • Cinescape report that a “Friday the 13th” [heck, unrated] Box Set might be in the works from Paramount. Expect an announcement in late September.

  • The Hollywood Reporter says Tim Burton’s newie “Big Fish” has been pushed back from November 26 to December 18th.

  • Ving Rhames and rapper-actor Ja Rule will star in the indie feature "Back in the Day" for writer-director James Hunter, about a man (Ja Rule) from the right side of the tracks who does a favor for an old friend (Rhames) who is in the gang life. After doing so, he gets caught up in a situation beyond his control. Joe Morton also stars as a minister whose death sets the rest of the events into motion.

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