Invasion of the Story Snatchers


As I said in my “Freaky Friday” review once Disney starts remaking films, you know it’s pretty clear the rework trend is here to stay. Warner Brothers, who own the rights to the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” are continuing their fine line of remakes, by announcing a newie based on the horror classic. According to Variety, Producers Roy Lee and Doug Davison, who executive produced The Ring for DreamWorks, will produce the updated version. Though as yet no screenwriter is attached, the new version is expected to centre on a female protagonist who uncovers a conspiracy in a small town where the inhabitants’ personalities seem to be changing. Don Siegel’s original 1956 sci-fi/horror pic, based on Jack Finney’s serial story, centres on a hysteria that spreads through a small California town after which townspeople appear to their relatives and friends as strangers while retaining their outward appearances. Hopefully it’ll be better than Warner’s 1993 effort “Body Snatchers”. And finally, according to Cinescape, Victor Salva [“Jeepers Creepers”] is rumoured to be the new films director.