It's the power of Radio


You Sci-Fi fans have probably heard it all before, but this time – apparently – it’s more than just an idea. Actor Jerry Doyle told IGN FilmForce that there’s a chance TV’s “Babylon 5” might be returning – and with the original cast. “I was contacted by a good friend of mine – his name is Mancow, he’s a DJ out of Chicago…But to make a long story short, a business associate and friend of Mancow’s is a radio syndicator – I don’t want to use his name – but he’s been an advisor to Rush, and he’s responsible for 3 of the top 5 syndicated radio talkshows on the air today… and a huge Babylon 5 fan. He didn’t know that Mancow and I were buddies, and we started talking – and the next thing I know, the phone rings and it’s Mancow, and he’s got this guy on the line, and he’s talking about the original Babylon 5. Which to me is funny, because this guy has got huge juice in the radio market, and he’s a fan of mine – which I think is funny. I still find that odd. And we started talking, and he said, "Well, where is the original cast at? What do you think the word would be?" I said, "I can tell you exactly who’d be willing. If you gave us a call time of Monday at 6:30am and blah, blah, blah, we’d show up like we were on hiatus for a month and just hit the boards running."

Doyle adds, “Because the cast was tight, the crew was great, the relationship between cast and crew was great, and it worked. The writers knew the actors, the actors knew the writers, we knew the directors… it all just worked. I think we were fortunate enough that we were able to suspend the realities of what we were – which was we were a plywood space station in a cul de sac in Sun Valley, with people with 3 heads and scales. We could suspend that, and allow ourselves to become immersed in what the B5 universe was all about. His contention – not Mancow, but the other guy – is that the show should be back on the air with the original cast. So I said, "Okay, fine. Make it happen." And he said, "I can make that first conversation happen with a certain network." And I said, "Okay." I don’t want to say the name of the certain network, but sometimes the network’s name would be followed by a hound. And then I called John Copeland and brought him into the loop, and then he called Greg Mayday over at Warner Bros., and they started floating some things around. Right now, I can’t tell you exactly where it’s at, but it’s somewhere in some type of movement forward. But there’s nothing concrete except right now, it’s just talk.”

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